Interview Coaching

Do you have an upcoming interview you need help preparing for or have you had multiple interviews, but no offers?

Are you:

  • Finding it difficult to answer interview questions confidently, and without rambling?
  • Worried that it has been a long time since you last had an interview and you are unsure of what to expect?
  • Confused about how to structure answers for a Competency-Based or Strengths Based interview?
  • Worried about sitting in front of a group of strangers telling them how great you are and how you are the right candidate for the job?
  • Applying for a role you really like and want to make sure you give yourself every chance of success?
  • Getting called for interview but not getting past the first stage or not securing offers?

Over the last 25 years I have worked with hundreds of recruiters and understand how they interview and what they are looking for from candidates. If you’re nervous about an upcoming interview or you’ve had multiple interviews, but no offers, then investing in an interview coach is a sound strategy.

Working with me will ensure you are prepared to make a strong positive impression at interview. I will help you anticipate the essential questions and give you strategies to prepare.  At the end of our sessions you will have numerous specific and tangible examples that demonstrate the competencies and strengths the recruiter is looking for and you will be crystal clear on the value you can bring to the role.

The mock interview process:

  • Before the mock interview session I will invite you to share the job specification, CV / application form, and any information you have received about the interview process. I will analyse these and work on a set of potential interview questions that will cover areas the interview panel are likely to probe.
  • I will set up an initial 30 minute consultation so as that we can agree the main areas to focus on and brief you on questions to prepare. We will discuss how to craft effective responses based on your skills and experiences and will provide you with a clear, structured approached to answering each style of interview question.
  • I will then conduct an initial mock interview allowing you to practice answering the different questions and will provide you with detailed feedback on areas to work on.
  • I will then set up an in-depth practice interview allowing you to apply the new technique again providing you with detailed feedback.