Targeted Cover Letters

Does your cover letter give your CV an edge and open the door to more interviews?

Working with me will mean that you will have a targeted cover letter that will answer the question “Why should we interview you?”

Are you:

Unsure of what to include or how to write a quality cover letter?
Unsure of how to align your skills and experience with the role you’re applying for?
Sending the same generic cookie cutter cover letter to all the roles you are applying for?


Cover letters still matter but without doubt are tedious to write.  It can be hard to know what to include, what tone to take and how to add value without regurgitating your CV.

Sending a generic cover letter with your CV is a waste of everyone’s time. However, a well written, targeted cover letter that doesn’t duplicate your CV is worth the effort. It should position you as the ideal candidate for the role by highlighting your motivation for the position, how your skills match the job requirements and how your experience and values match the needs of the recruiter.

The Cover letter process:

If you are interested in working with me I will invite you to send me a copy of your most recent CV together with the job specification of the job role or roles you are interested in.  
I will then create an impactful cover letter tailored to the specific requirements of your target role, that clearly articulates why you want to work for the employer.
I will send you a draft for review and comments and when agreed will send you the final version in word.